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President Message

Greetings from Solar Energy Association!


We at SOLAR Energy Association are planning to promote 1000 MW Solar Power Park Project in Tamilnadu by establishing solar energy parks all over India. As alarmed in the Tamilnadu Solar Energy Policy 2012, Conventional Energy sources like coal, oil, natural gas etc., are limited in quantity, and if these continued to be depleted at the present rate, these will be exhausted in the coming decades. Energy demand is resulting in the creation of fossil fuel based power plants leading to the substantial green house emissions having an adverse impact on global warming and climate changes.

Solar Energy offers a clean, friendly, abundant and inexhaustible energy resource to mankind. India has high solar insolation. India being a tropical country receives adequate solar radiation for 300 days amounting to 3,000 hours of sunshine equivalent to over 5,000 trillion KWH. Almost all the regions receive 4-7 KWH of solar radiation per sq.meter with about 2,300-3,200 sunshine hours /year depending upon the location.

Central and state governments have announced their policies’ Towards Building Solar India’ “Tamilnadu Solar Energy Policy 2012’ planned to produce 3,000 MW solar power by 2015. TANGEDCO invited tenders for 1,200 MW solar power under reverse bidding for the year 2013.

As this is an ideal platform for private players we can play an extremely important role in setting up of solar power projects. But, what is the real picture? TANGEDCO expected tenders for not less than 3,000 MW.

On 4.1.2013, TANGEDCO received tenders for only 498MW from 92 companies. WHY? For setting up of Solar Energy Plants, the following are inevitable:

  • Suitable Land
  • All permissions & liasoning
  • Civil Construction Work
  • Selection of international standard Technologies.
  • Selection of Modules and other equipments.
  • Power generation.
  • Commissioning of the Plant.
  • Starting power generation and supply to the grid in a short span of time.
  • Administrative body required for power generation.
  • Selection of third party for power sale
  • Sale of power and it's related correspondences.
  • Operation and Maintenance of the Plant for 25 years with R&D Facilities.

It is difficult for any individual investor or an individual company to meet all these requirements. Even though they are interested, many people are not coming forward to promote “Solar Energy plants” individually.

So, there comes the Association! Association can do anything that even Gold cannot!

A s said earlier, Solar Energy Association is planning to promote solar energy parks in Tamilnadu by pooling the investors, high tension captive consumers, solar power obligators like LT commercial and those who are having 20,000 sq.ft. or more carpet area of building in Tamilnadu, Solar module manufacturers, inverters manufacturers, accessories manufacturers, EPC contracters, financiers/ bankers and state government undertaking etc., as our joint venture partners/ co-promoters to do the park in a proper and faster manner with mutual benefit.

In the first phase SEA is planning to acquire about 5,000 acres of land suitable for solar power project in various districts of Tamilnadu to accommodate around 1,000 MW of Solar P.V. Power Park Project. SEA has targeted to complete the 1,000 MW project within 2013 since the government of Tamilnadu recently announced a lucrative solar energy policy 2012 and it allows establishment of solar power parks.

The return of investment (ROI) will be with in 5 to 6 years. Maximum under Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)/ 4 to 5 years under REC mechanism and further 19 to 20 years regular income will be generated.

There are many investors from India and aborad coming forward to invest in various concepts like Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Government, Individual Power Producers (IIP), Captive Consumers, Group Captive and Third Party sales etc.

The park management will provide to the investors all infrastructures like land, equipments, erection of equipments, substations GRID connectivity and OEM in affordable cost. It will also specifically promote the “Group Captive Concept” (REC Mechanism) where the investors and the end users of generated power (SPO’s) are getting more benefit than the other concepts and the ROI will be 4 to 5 years. Even if we supply the power in the prevailing TNEB Rates i.e., Rs.6.50 / KWH and time to time, as per TNEB Rate and selling the REC at Rs. 9.30 as per the minimum price band upto 2017, we will be able to get the ROI with in 2017.

Once we complete this projects successfully and production starts, we will be able to get lot of opportunities from other states of India and abroad continuously to promote solar power parks.

So we call upon you to join “Solar Energy Association “and become a chief promoter of Solar Energy Parks in your region.

Expecting your kind co-operation and favorable response in this regard.

Thanking you,

With warm regards,

Raju V.R. Palanisamy, President,

Solar Energy Association